Paris Private Shuttle Review

About Paris Private Shuttle Review

Paris Private Shuttle Review

Paris Private Shuttle is a specialized airport transfer company in Paris, France. With top-quality services on board, this company is a renowned company offering services at an affordable price. To add to these facts, the company covers all the locations in Paris as well it has special private shuttle services from Paris to Paris Disneyland Paris. With that said, Paris Private Shuttle boasts world-class drivers with some of the finest and a contemporary fleet of vehicles. The main objective of the company is to ensure premium services at a reasonable rate. All in all, Paris Private Shuttle is a company that meets the ever-growing customer demand through excellent services.

Quick Details about Paris Private Shuttle Review

  • Paris Private Shuttle offers door-to-door and customized transport services between the Paris airports and the client’s destinations.
  • It provides premium private shuttle services to Paris Disneyland.
  • The company has a wide range of modern fleet of vehicles and all the drivers are professionally trained.
  • Any customer can book the service at any time as the company supports online payment.
  • The customers don’t need to pay an up-front amount to book the services of the company.
  • Every booked service will be confirmed within a few hours.
  • For the group travellers, the company has special services (for more than 12 passengers).
  • The company operates 24-hour a day and 365-day a year.

Contact Information of Paris Private Shuttle Review

Phone: (0033) 06 67 33 32 67



Positives of Paris Private Shuttle

1) Since the company offers customized services, you can book your desired services easily.

2) All the prices are cost-effective. So, you don’t need to worry about high charges.

3) There is no hidden cost included in the package, which enable you to spend your money on other necessary travel issues.

4) If your flight is delayed or missed, the company will adjust and make available the services to you.

5) You will able to make your journey in a safe and secure way since all the drivers are knowledgeable about their services.

6) The company has a pick and drop service with which you can easily be dropped or picked at any location.

7) In addition the above positive facts, you can enjoy different Paris city tours and excursions with Paris Private Shuttle.

8) For your precious little children, the company offers baby seats and during the journey, you will be offered soft music, which will make you comfortable.

What others are saying about Paris Private Shuttle Review?

‘Paris Private Shuttle’ is a popular company in Paris, France that has gained a lot of positive feedbacks from the customers. A lot of customers have recommended the services of this company and they also shared their thoughts regarding this company. One delighted customer shared her thoughts by saying she was excited to receive the services from ‘Paris Private Shuttle.’ She also said that everything was perfectly managed and the driver was on time to receive her from the airport. On her way to the hotel, she didn’t encounter any problem as well. As a whole, she was 100% satisfied with the services of ‘Paris Private Shuttle’.

Best Caribbean Travel Places to Visit in 2015

Caribbean is one of the beautiful travel places in the world and it is widely popular among the tourists as well. Due to the abundance of marvellous travel places, people find it difficult to choose the perfect destination. So, let’s have to quick look at the best travel places to visit in 2015.

St. Lucia

best caribbean vacations

St. Lucia is regarded as the best Caribbean island in the entire region. It has been a popular spot for honeymooners as this island features several all-inclusive resorts and hotels. All these hotels and resorts have world-class amenities to make the trip more comfortable. Not to mention that this island has greener landscapes with pristine beaches. In spring, this island also hosts the famous annual jazz festival.


best caribbean destinations

Barbados in Caribbean has multi-faceted quality with a wide range of accommodation facilities. There are lots of sightseeing attractions as well and almost every type of travellers can stay here for a quality travel trip. Among the best attractions, the city of Bridgetown would be the most attractive since it has roots to the 17th century. Plus, the Harrison’s Cave would intrigue the visitors as it has a unique formation of the tramway.


best caribbean vacation spots

This place is a little bit different since the beaches are white, making it a special attraction for the visitors. What’s more, there are more than 30 white beaches and it will give the travellers a beautiful headache of choosing from a large basket of beaches. However, this island is one of the smaller islands in the entire Caribbean, but it is a serene place with fewer crowds. The nightlife would be stimulating, which you could enjoy after a peaceful day on the beach.


best caribbean places to visit

This Island is elegant and recognized as a British remnant since it had a strong British influence. There are several places where you can have afternoon tea with cricket matches are easy to watch. Plus, golf lovers can play golf as much as they want. You can reach Bermuda from the Eastern U.S. Flights from New York as it will take only two hours to reach this island.


best caribbean islands to visit

Often grouped with Barbuda, Antigua is a small island with plenty of gambling destinations. There are a lot of good casinos as well and the nightlife here is quite electrifying. With that being said, you will see several top-class restaurants with cafes and discos. As for the beaches, you won’t find such diverse beaches on any other island with hundreds of white and pink beaches can be seen in Antigua.

Puerto Rico

best caribbean island vacations

Puerto Rico is a part of the Commonwealth and this island from the Caribbean has touristic attractions. With bustling activities and historical sightseeing opportunities, this island is definitely in the upper tier. The nightlife is extremely enjoyable with great foods are on offer. The beaches are different with a serene environment. Snorkelers would find this island amazing and people who just want to relax will get their desired atmosphere.


best places in the caribbean

Jamaica is blessed with a number of tourist attractions as different types of travellers from around the world visit this island. Most of them come to experience the marvellous flora and wildlife, which include different kinds of birds. On the other hand, people also come to visit this island to see the celebrated Reggae music scene. Keep in mind that the origination of this Reggae music scene happened from this iconic island. There are various kinds of all-inclusive resorts and the golf enthusiasts would sure love the Montego Bay as it has the best golf courses in all of the Caribbean.

To sum up, I would say that all the places or islands in the Caribbean is equally different from each other while possessing unique touristic attractions. I am an advocate of visiting all these islands since they are best places to travel in Caribbean. So, don’t miss an opportunity and enjoy to the fullest.

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How to Get Cheap Taxi in Charles De Gaulle Airport

How to Get Cheap Taxi in Charles De Gaulle Airport

If you are wondering how you would go to your hotel or home from Charles De Gaulle Airport, then you have come to the right place. Not only I will guide you through to Charles De Gaulle Airport, but also I will ensure that you have the minimum knowledge of getting a taxi from this buzzing airport. So, let’s not waste any time and move forward to the next phase of the article to know the details.

Important Charles de Gaulle Airport

Charles de Gaulle Airport is the second busiest airport after the London Heathrow Airport. It is also the biggest airport in Paris (The other being the Orly airport). Generally, this airport has flight services to major international countries, which is by far the most in the world. Additionally, it has local flight services and if you are looking for a cheap airport flight service, then this airport is not suited for you. The name of the airport was given in memory of the President of French Republic in World War-II.

How to Get Cheap Taxi in Charles De Gaulle AirportFurthermore, this airport is also called the ‘Paris Roissy’ airport and is situated in the northeast region of Paris. Plus, this airport is located 23 km or 14 miles from the central Paris in the suburb of Roissy. You can reach the main city within or at 45 minutes because it is directly linked to the city. The main specialty of this airport is that it is an expert at serving the international destination across the globe. The airport has a number of transportation systems such as the RER train, metro, buses, taxis, and cabs. The airport has three terminals and they are as follows:

  • Terminal One (Serves the international travelers)
  • Terminal Two (Serves the Air France along with other European airlines)
  • Terminal Three (Serves only charter flights)

An Example of Taxi Fare at Charles de Gaulle Airport

Expected Journey Route: From Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Disneyland Paris, 77777 Marne-la-Vallée, Paris, France

  • Estimated fare for this trip is 48.32 €
  • Starting time: 12:50 ( Assumed)
  • Distance: 43.77 km
  • Duration: 34 min
Taxi Fare Breakdown
Jump in the taxi 2.20 €
43.77 km. x 0.91 € per km 39.83 €
Waiting in traffic (13 min) 6.28 €
Total Cost 48.32 €

Please keep in mind that the above fare is an approximation. So, it can vary depending on the time and journey route. Now, a comparison table is provided to give you a further idea of which transportation system is the best in terms of comfort.

A Comparison of different Transportation System
Vehicle Fare () Time Comfort
Air France Bus 11.90 50-60 Medium or Low
RoissyBus 11.00 60 Medium
RER-B train 10.00 35-50 Medium or Low
Taxi 75-95 45-55 High

How to Get a Cheap Taxi in Charles de Gaulle Airport?

How to Get Cheap Taxi in Charles De Gaulle AirportAlthough the buses and trains are cheaper than the taxis, the taxis are a popular form of the transportation system at Charles de Gaulle Airport. They offer a comfy ride back to your home or hotels. Also, if you opt for a taxi service from this airport the stress of finding a suitable vehicle will not hang around your neck. You just need to follow the signs in the terminal as there are loads of taxis are located throughout the airport terminal.  So, you can find taxis at the Charles de Gaulle Airport from the following terminals:

  • Terminal 1, Exit – 20
  • Terminal 2A/2C, Exit – 06
  • Terminal 2B/2D, Exit – 07
  • Terminal 2E/2F, Exit – 01

Apart from this, there are a lot of online taxi service companies which offer private taxi service. They are a bit expensive than the usual taxi services. You have to book their services from online. After the booking confirmation, the company will assign a driver who will be at the airport to receive you. So, you need to provide your flight information to get their service. Typically, tipping is optional, but it is a customary norm. Also, you have to pay an extra charge for your luggage. Therefore, analyze all the details before a booking a taxi service at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Concluding Remarks

To sum up the article, I would say that taxis Charles de Gaulle Airport are not cheap compared to other transportation systems. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid the hassles, then they are an affordable and convenient option. So, be careful while choosing a taxi and enjoy the ride back to home or hotel.

Karunas Massa is content writer of T2 Transfer.

Best Sightseeing Places in the World

Best Sightseeing Places in the World

Our world is blessed with lots of beautiful places and the God has gifted us so many natural wonders with eye-catching attractions and landmarks. With the changing times, people get lousy as well as they become more of an exhausted symbol due to the hectic life schedule. On top of that, the stress factor will come into play as tiredness and stress works in tandem to cause harm to the human kind. In these testing situations, you would need more than medicine to enjoy the life again. People always love to be up-close with the nature. So, how about a tour of the best sightseeing places in the world? It would take out the stress factor as well as it will make you calmer. Let’s have a look at the best sightseeing places in the world.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Best Sightseeing Places in the WorldMachu Picchu is located 2,430 meter above from the sea level and it is a beautiful place for tourist attraction. With amazingly pleasant environment, this place in Peru is in the midst of a tropical mountain forest. Additionally, Machu Picchu is the greatest creation of the Inca Empire and it is famously known as the ‘Lost city of Incans’. With giant walls, heights, slopes, and terraces it looks as if this place is born naturally in the unswerving rock slopes. No wonder why people from across the globe gather around this place to see the extraordinary sights of Machu Picchu and this place was named the World’s Heritage Site by UNESCO as well.

Paris, France

Best Sightseeing Places in the WorldParis is the capital city of France and it located in the north of River Seine. This cosmopolitan city is a fabulous city for its glamour and glitz. It is a densely populated city with 12 million people is living in the whole metropolitan area. Regarded as the ‘City of Light’ and Capital of Fashion this city is the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. Plus, the city is steeped with historical associations as well as it has influences in several realms such as culture, art, fashion, food, and design. Some of the most renowned and finest cosmetic and designers reside in Paris and the list include Guerlain, Lancôme, L’Oréal, Clarins, Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, etc. The River Seine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this city boasts an array of historic landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, etc. For all these reasons, 45 million people from across the globe visit Paris annually, which makes this city as the most admired city in the World.

Trinidad, Cuba

Best Sightseeing Places in the WorldTrinidad is a small city in Cuba, which is standing between the tropical foothills of the Escambray Mountains and the dazzling Caribbean Sea. The city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is one of the best colonial towns in the Americas. Additionally, this city was the result of a 19th-cenctury sugar boom and it boasts some of the best architectural and decorative wealth of the 19th-century as well. In short, Trinidad is the greatest attractions of Cuba for its mesmerizing streets, historic houses with evidence of 18th and 19th-century, palaces, plaza, etc. Despite the diminutive size of this city, people from all over the world come here and enjoy the serenity of this marvelous city.

Cape Town, South Africa

Best Sightseeing Places in the WorldCape Town is the second largest city in terms of population and this city is the provincial capital of Western Cape. This city in South Africa is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty for which it has been receiving accolades from all over the world. With distinctiveness and lots of attritions, Cape Town has is a remarkable tourist hub. Furthermore, the excellent climate, natural sightseeing opportunities as well as marvelous places make this city as attractive propositions to the travelers. Surely, the travelers and tourists alike will jump at the chance to visit Cape Town. They will not be disappointed as many adventurous people venture into this city annually to see the nature from a close range.

Gullfoss, Iceland

Best Sightseeing Places in the WorldGullfoss is a lovely island in Iceland, which is extremely beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Each of the seasons brings distinct qualities as well as charming environment. You will see a lot of opportunities to discover the nature and you can revel in the freshness and colors of the nature from a close distance. This place is the best tourist attraction in Iceland and has two different waterfalls. These waterfalls are positioned in the Canyon of Hvita River in the southwest of Iceland. Additionally, this presents the stunning sight of the whole island as some of its parts are frozen in the winter and melts in the spring. Lastly, they leave roaring away in the summer dusk. With its beauty, this waterfall is the most powerful one in the Europe as well. So, you will see eye-catching views of numerous rainbows, as well as icebergs and all of these things; make this place special to the tourists.

To conclude the writing, I would like to say that all these places are extremely beautiful and they will take you up-close to the nature as well. After visiting these places, you will be feeling relaxed and definitively, your mind will be pleased with seeing the best sights in the world. So, go on a vacation and get pleasure from the beauty of the world as well as enjoy to the fullest of your life.

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